Monday, February 13, 2012

Rakaia River to the Rangitata River (days 114 to 118)

I resumed my journey on the south side of the Rakaia River, having travelled around the safety zone by car. It was raining and I made slow progress up and over the Turton Saddle. So, as it was my 66th birthday, I decided to spend the night in a cute little "A" frame hut at the back end of Glent Hills Station. A large slab of birthday cake and an early night finished the day off nicely.
The next day was always going to be a big one, as I made up some distance and time. Comyns Hut was passed early in the morning but it was slow going up through the south branch of the Ashburton River, because even though it had stopped raining, I had to cross and re-cross the river maybe 30 times. It's hard work and very cold. After 11 hours and late in the day, I made it to Double Hut. This is an old musters hut, built in the 1940's and was a great little hide-away as the rain set in again. I spent two nights here, before completing another long trek on the 4th day through to Potts River and the mighty Rangitata.


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