Monday, February 13, 2012

The Two Thumb Range and wonderful tussock country (days 119 to 123)

After a short break for Christmas with my family, the journey started again on the south side of the Rangitata River, beginning at the well known Mesopotamia Station.. It was New Years day as I scrambled my way up Bush Stream to the Crooked Spur Hut (wonderful names) but in very thick fog. With the use of my GPS I found the hut alright, but finding my way up and over the 1500 m saddle beyond the hut proved to be a bit more difficult, even with the aid of modern high-tech gear. However, the early morning sun on the second day burnt off the low cloud clogging the valleys and progress continued.

This is beautiful country, breathtakingly beautiful. High mountains and tussock valleys, stretching as far as the eye can see. You can't help but admire those who tried to farm it, but at the same time it is now an open trampers paradise, available to all. The sheep and cattle have now gone but the old musters huts stay on as a reminder of those early farmers.

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