Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to the Coastline

I stayed overnight in a beautiful little camping ground at Oakura Bay and after 3 days in the bush it was really good to get a shower and have the use of a camp kitchen. Oh, how lovely to have access to hot water and multiple cups of tea, without having to light up my little stove. The camp is right on the waters edge, very pretty and I was greeted with yet another crystal clear morning. I can't believe my luck with the weather, one great day after another.
The walk down the coast again passes many sandy bays before turning inland again for another forset tramp along high ridges and deep valleys. Beautiful forset, very lush, more like tropical jungle really. Lots of vines and groves of Nikau palms. This time it is the Morepork (more DOC land) track and once again I camped high on the ridgeline (but this time I remembered to fill up extra water bottles). There has been some concern about the track marking but I had no trouble picking up the right trail.

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