Saturday, September 24, 2011

Following the Waikato River to Huntly

It took two or three big days to work my way through South Auckland and back into the country again. Road walking is just part of life when you want to make progress and even walking down the edge of SH1 is worth it just to get back on the nature trail. I really loved the walks alongside the Waikato River, where the track follows the stop banks. I never realised just how big the Waikato river this really is, like a lazy oneway lake, just slowly moving down to the sea. Great wildlife, waterfowl everywhere and the size of those Koi Karp (fish) feeding in the shallows was amazing. I made a small detour to stay with friends (Chris and Laurie Wilson) in Pukekoe and then on day 34, I arrived in Huntly to stay with Mark and Mary-Ann Pruden. Another day off, a chance to do the washing and best of all, to sleep in a real bed.

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